Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blue and Gray!

Hey everybody! I can't believe its a new year already!! New year means new styles and colors that are in this season, so for the outfit I am making today the color scheme is gray and blue. I was at work yesterday putting out all of our new jewelry which the new colors are gray and pale yellow and gray and pale blue. The theme for our new collection at work is nautical which I absolutely love but today I am just going for the colors and see what I can find that would look great together! And just to let everybody know I spell gray with an A. I dont spell it grey but companies do so that will be the different when talking about the stores.

Jeans are from Tommy Hilfiger and are the Skinny Ankle Jean with Zipper and are $78.00. I personally love the skinny jeans that have the zipper on the bottom because you know that if your wearing boots with them that they will be very tight around you ankles so you dont have to worry about the bulk of the pants coming out of the top of your boots. I hate that!!

I am keeping it simple with the top. I love simple one colored shirts because with a plain color there is so much you can do with it from jewelry to scarves or other accessories. This top is from American Eagle Outfitters and is that AE Favorite V-Neck T and is $15.50.

Since it is still cold here and I am all about North Face jackets I would personally put this Graphite Grey jacket with it. I like how this is darker than the shirt but will still keep the color scheme that we have going on.

I know I have put these boots in here before but for this outfit I am going with the light gray version of the boots to go with the outfit. And I just love these boots. So cute and very comfy. Found these fro DSW (my favorite shoe store of all time!) and they are the Diba Combat Boot in Grey and are $69.95. And if you shop at DSW enough you get coupons like $10 off a purchase. I love the coupons!!!

I am a huge fan of bangles and I love these ones with the outfit. It has the different color blues and the white to accent the whole outfit! Love Love Love!! These are from and are $9.99. They are called FULL TILT 9 Piece Colorblock Bangles. I may just have to buy these soon!

Not the same color blue as the bracelets but I think it works. It sets off the light blue color of this necklace while also setting off the colors in the bracelets. Also wouldnt need to wear all the bracelets if you didnt want to. This is a Lucky Brand Pendent with a Blue Stone. I found it on and is $35. I love this necklace so much!!!

In my mind an outfit is not complete without and handbag! And although I couldnt afford this one I LOVE it. For the people that know me, I have an unhealthy obsession with Coach purses and its sad how much I love them. This is the Coach Pinnacle Leather Louisa and is a crazy $698! A girl can dream can't she? And this purse literally makes the whole blue and gray outfit!! This purse can be found on or

There is the outfit for the day and now I want to go out and buy it all!! Even the purse if I had the money for it. Maybe one day right? Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading!!

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