Monday, February 27, 2012

Love National Geographic!!

Hey hey!! So kinda like the castles blog I did last, I was looking at a bunch of National Geographic photos and they are just phenominal!! The show such good detail and color. And they are some of the most beautiful photos I have seen. National Geographic has literally the best stuff ever. I love their books and the magazines! They never get old and there is so much information and everytime I read one of their books or magazines I am always learning something new! Any their website is amazing! They have links for travel and adventure, which obviously I look at a lot. But anyways I figured I would share with you some of my favorite photos that I have seen today. I know my last posts havent really been fashion or been very long but I like to be diverse! And there are just so many pictures in this world that need to be shared! Hope you like the photos as much as I do!

There we go! I could put so many more on here because National Geographic has the best pictures ever! I put the last one last because I love everything about their outfits! And I would totally pay to have those bracelets. So cute and so bright!! If anybody knows of any place to get something similar let me know! I hope you liked the pictures and you can find even more amazing pictures at the National Geographic website! Go check them out! Thanks!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Castle Love!

Hey everybody! So today I have been looking at some stuff from back in the Middle Ages when the great castles were made and I got to looking at pictures of castles and I just love them! I so wish I could have lived back in the times when royals and elites lived in castles. Minus the smells and the germs but I would just love to see how life actually was living in something so big and amazing! I know I'm a nerd. But I just thought I would share some amazing castle pictures with you. Even if you don't really care. Oh well!

Hunyad Castle in Romania
Windsor Castle in London
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Chambord Castle in France
Heidelberg Castle in Germany (Been there!)
Has the biggest barrel of wine in the world!
Segovia Castle in Spain
Mont St-Michel in France
Dunvegan Castle in Scotland
The Tower of London in London
So much amazing history in there!
 There are so many more castles in Europe!! When I was on my Rhine River Cruise there were so many cute "little" castles on the sides of hills up on the top. They were so amazing and I so wish I could live in one. There was even one that was converted into a hotel. Might be something for me to look into once I get lots of money! And the Heidelberg Castle was the coolest thing I had ever seen!! So amazing! Well sorry if this was boring but thanks for taking a look! I'm weird and love castles!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Wednesday Wonderfuls!

Hey everybody! Today's Wednesday Wonderfuls are going to be much simpler and much less to read than the last ones because I have had so much school work to do and I am going to a Blue's game tonight! But I really like today's. I am doing 10 black and white pictures that I absolutely love. I love old black and white photos because of the old vintage look they have to them. And some of these pictures have the best vintage fashion in them as well which I am totally obsessed with!! Well lets get started!

1. Love everything about this picture!! I love her dress. I love the architectural details of the interior of the room. I love the lighting that's coming in the window and I really love the mirror that also shows the girl in the picture! Just amazing!

2. Gotta love Twiggy!! She is part of what made fashion what it is today! She is just so classic looking and I love the dress in this picture! I really enjoyed when she was part of the panel on America's Next Top Model! She always had great input!!

3. Look at those swim suits! They are amazing!! I couldn't imagine wearing something that fabulous to go swimming! And their hair!! I also couldn't imagine going swimming with my hair like that. Normally when I go swimming my hair looks like a hot mess in a pony tail. Love!!

4. Can I get a pair of those shoes now? They are so stinking cute!! Would totally wear those! And I love these ladies hair! It looks phenomenal!! Cute stewardesses on the panama canal!

5.  Gotta put one up of my favorite First Family! I love Jackie and everything she did for fashion. I have the best book ever which shows all of her outfits that she wore for events during the time she was First Lady. Literally one of the best books that I have!

6. This is so cute! She looks flawless with her curled hair and simple black dress and little pumps but the men see the open back and just swam her! So cute! And I am weird and like everything in the back too. Shows its an old picture!

7. Mom this one is for you because of the camels! I know how much you love them!!! But I really do like this picture. The camels seem to add a little something. I looks like its still probably a fashion photo shoot. The women look amazing!

8. Theres hardly even words for this picture. Its amazing and unique. I would love to be this lady. I wonder where this picture was taken at... Hmm. And look at her amazing clothes!

9. I have always loved the mirror looking into a mirror! They have that at almost every Macy's and its so much fun to look into. That means I love everything about this picture! I love her hair too! And her clothes. Fantastic!!

10.Can I get the outfit on the right? I love it!! I want the hat and the scarf and the gloves! I just want it all!! And I love where the setting is of this picture!!

Well there we go! I know its simple but its so cute!! What are your favorite black and white pictures? Thanks for reading everybody!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Favorite Spring Styles

Another blog! I havent done one on clothes lately so this one is going to be a little preview of Spring! I am ready for Spring clothes and Spring colors! I've been thinking about Spring Break and what I am going to wear in Florida so these are some of my favorites for, at least, my upcoming season.

QSW Zig Zag Maxi Dress


Ruffle Front Women's Tank

Opal Applique Clutch
Anchors Away Pendant
Winch Weather Bitt

There is so much more I could put in but this is good for now. As you can tell, I am really into the nautical looks and the tribal prints. Just cute and casual. Most of the Spring styles that are coming out are the color block look which personally I am not the biggest fan of. I would much prefer what I picked out but I really had to search for the right stuff for the blog. Whats your favorite Spring fashion? Thanks!!

Best Places!

Hey everybody! It's been a few days since my last blog! Sorry! Hope you all enjoyed seeing the food update I did! The dinner was fantastic!! I have been looking through travel pictures on Pinterest and its making me think of the places I have been blessed to go to and the things I have seen so that's what I am going to put on today's. Just pictures because with these pictures there is not much words to go with them because of how amazing they are. I am also loosely basis this off of the Travel Channel show "The Best Places I've Ever Been". I love that show and seeing all the great places and experiences that the travel hosts go on and see!

London, England
Too bad my phone is in the river there...
Niagara Falls
Washington D.C.
New York City
Los Angeles, California
Venice, Italy
Nassau, Bahamas
Innsbruck, Austria

Disney World!
Burano, Italy (Picture courtesy of me!)
Lucerne, Switzerland (Cute little, tiny town)

Ok I think that's good enough! I have so many more places I want to go to! Good thing I am young and have a whole wonderful life ahead of me to go on adventures and see the amazing and beautiful world that we live on! Thanks for reading!! What are some amazing places that you have been to?