Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls, Adventure Edition

Hey hey it's Wednesday!! For the Wednesday Wonderfuls today it's all about adventures! I seem to have what my mom calls the "travel lust" so I have a lot of places I want to go and a lot of things I want to do. According to my mom my Grandma also have the travel lust as well so I must have got it from her. She has been to many more places than me but I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do. I absolutely loved having her with us on our trip around Europe and it was amazing that she was able to out walk all of the other people in the group and she was the oldest in our group! I am sure she will love this post! Maybe not all the places and things I would like to do though...

This all comes from a book that I got for Christmas this year which is put out by National Geographic, which is one of my personal favorite when learning about places to travel to. The book is Journey's of a Lifetime 500 of the World's Greatest Trips. It is so informative and interesting and it even puts the trips into categories such as trips to take on foot or by road. I LOVE it!!! So let's talk about the top 10 adventures I want to go on one day from this book! And as usual they are not in any particular order. And all the titles come straight from the book.

1. Eastern Caribbean Cruise! "A cruise through the breathtaking waters of the Caribbean offers luxury, shopping, and outdoor fun." I have been on a cruise to the northern islands of the Caribbean but going on this one would be wonderful!! You get to cruise through all the Virgin Islands  and the Leeward Islands where the water is just so amazing and clear! My parents once went to St. Thomas when I was younger and they left me behind. I would love to go see that island now. Booking a cruise at the last minute is likely to save you money and most of the cruises are about a week. Can we say FABULOUS?!? The picture below is St. Thomas.

2. Waterways of the Tsars! "Experience the grandeur of Imperial Russia as you cruise along the waterways of St. Petersburg." I never though I would want to ever go to Russia until reading about this trip and looking at the architecture of St. Petersburg. It looks so different from anything that we see here or that is over in Europe. I would also love to learn more about the history behind Russia. This cruise is only a few hours long but I would love to walk around and just sight see around the city!

3. The Romantic Road of Bavaria! "With castle-crowned mountains and glorious churches and palaces, this route explores the heartland of German fairy tales, music, and art." This is my ideal driving trip in Europe! I have seen parts of Germany from the Rhine River but I would love to just be driving through the country sides and seeing all the castles up on the the hills. Since I was little I have wanted to live in a castle like a princess. For me I would totally pick out which one I would live in if I got to live in it. This goes from about mid Germany down to the border of Austria and would take about a week which would be totally fine with me!

4. The Bolshoi Express! "Ride Russia in style on the Grand Express between St. Petersburg and Moscow." This one I would do at the same time as the cruise around St. Petersburg. I love seeing the countryside's of different countries and this would take me right through the country between the two biggest cities in Russia. And I have always wanted to experience sleeping overnight on a train for whatever reason and with this I would be able to do that because the train ride allows one night on board but I would stay more time in each city so that I could see the cultures and historical places!

5. Wildlife Safari! "Experience dramatic landscape and a chance to see the "big five" when you take a luxury train safari in traditional style." Although I am still going to go see a safari in an old jeep like I have researched about I would love doing this too! I have a thing about trains even though I have never really been on ones like these ones but I would just be amazing if I was sitting on the train and looked out and saw a lion!! That would be the best thing ever!! This trip lasts 3 days and 2 nights so I would be able to sleep on the train, like I said before, is what I would love to do. And the train ride offers all-you-can-eat-and-drink!!! Yay food!!

6. The Inca Trail! "A hike along an ancient Inca way takes you above the clouds into a magical realm where the remains of an astonishing civilization cling to the sides of soaring mountains." I am not so much a hiking girl but seeing Machu Picchu is on my bucket list so I would totally hike the long hike to see this! They have shown multiple things on the Travel Channel for Machu Picchu and it looks amazing!! I have to go here sometime and experience the culture of this ancient land!

7. Napa Valley Wine! "Combine California sunshine and a year-round pageant of color with visits to wineries and fine restaurants." Although I still have about a year until I turn 21 I plan to go here after then. Maybe not directly after but I would love to just tour the wineries around Napa Valley and enjoy the views. This would also be a very romantic adventure to go on with somebody special! And mix the wine with fabulous food...What would be better?!

8. Cheeses of Normandy! "To the French, bread, cheese, and wine are known as the holy trinity of the table-- where better to enjoy them than Normandy!" Oh cheeses... My favorite!! Europe had some of the best cheeses I have ever had and to have a tour of all the places in Northern France that have the best cheeses would just be wonderful!! And since I would already been in the area I would love to go see the beaches where the troops came to land in World War II. Powerful place.

9. The Belize Barrier Reef! "Enter a colorful underwater in this diver's paradise in the western Caribbean." I have never gone diving and I know it will be hard for me to get certified. I am sure I will freak out but I am going to do it because this looks so beautiful! I am thinking this would be a nice start for me to work up to the Great Barrier Reef that is on my bucket list to see and dive in. Also since its the Caribbean its just beautiful anyways so it would be amazing to go to Belize! I would want to be there at least a week so that I  could experience everything!

10. Diving with Sharks! "This is the closet you'll get to one of the deadliest killers on the blue planet. Enter the ocean if you dare." And I dare!!!!!! This is one of my biggest dreams to do this. Of course I would like to do it with a cage so that at least I would be a little bit safer. The best place for this would be South Africa which is where I plan to do my dive at. And this last half a day! Can you imagine how amazing it would be to be out with sharks for half a day! Ahhh!

So there we go everybody! There is the adventure filled Wednesday Wonderfuls!! Gotta love seeing the world and experiencing new things and I hope all of you have a place or places that you absolutely want to travel to!! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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