Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hey everybody! Sorry it always takes so long. School is taking over m life! But today I am doing something a little bit different. I am making an outfit that is all from the same website. The website being Piperlime. It is one of my favorite website because it has great discounts on designer items! Its affiliated with Gap and Old Navy which is also pretty cool! So anyways lets have at it with an outfit that is all from Piperlime. Gotta love it!!

As most of you probably already know I love plain tops so that you can accessorize it up to make it look fabulous! This is so cute with the baggy raglan sleeve. Makes the oversized style look great! This is the National LTD Palo Alto Tee and is $34.97. So cute! And gray is so neutral that it can go with so much!

I love skinny jeans!! And I love these jeans so much!! True Religion is one of my favorite brand of jeans but sadly they don't fit me too well since I am so short... So sad. These skinny jeans are also great for any type of shoe! They would look good with anything! These are the True Religion Casey Jeans and are $167.

I think wedges would look so amazing with this outfit and I am obsessed with these!! I love the color and the style and the height. It looks like it would be easy to wear on a daily basis if you wanted to. Love! Also wedges are easier to walk in and wear than insanely high heels. These are better for everyday. These are the DV by Dolce Vita Tulle Wedges in turquoise and are $79. I NEED THESE!!

Cute ring that matches the shoes!! Always gotta match with the shoes!! And its Lucky Brand which I LOVE! This ring is so adorable and I will probably end up getting it eventually. This is the Lucky Brand Peacock Pavé Feather Ring and is $35.

Sure the necklace is simple but I think its a good kind of simple. Since the shoes are a bright color the silver would tone down the outfit a little bit. And since the top has a scoop neck this necklace would fit perfectly around the neck in the open area. Love this! This is the Lauren by Ralph Lauren 18" Graduated Silver Beads and is $40.

Last, I always have to have a purse! This is is expensive but I can always dream about purses. They are my obsession. Its bad... But this gray is a little lighter than the shirt so it will make the color pop along with the turquoise in the outfit too. Adore this purse! This is Rebecca Minkoff MAC and is $295. I also love how it has the long strap so that it can also be a crossbody as well.

Well theres the so cute outfit for the day! All from Piperlime! Go check out the website, it's so amazing and you can find fabulous deals as well. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls! Literally!!

When I say literally I am meaning that today's wonderfuls are WONDERS OF THE WORLD!!!! In case you guys can't tell I am really into traveling stuff for my Wonderfuls lately. I want to go probably almost everywhere! So today I am going to put down 10 Wonders of the World that I want to go to. I know the list only has 7 but I am getting mine from a book that is called, 100 Wonders of the World From Manmade Masterpieces to Breathtaking Surprises of Nature by Michael Hoffmann and Alexander Krings.

This book is just as amazing as all my other traveling books that I have talked about in here. I also got this one for Christmas and it's so much fun to look at and dream about going to some of the places. So as usual these go in no particular order other than that's the order they are in the book. The names and descriptions all come straight from the book as well as some of the facts about the places. I hope you enjoy and dream about traveling to some of these places like I do. We all need places we dream to see. It keeps up motivated to go out and see the world.

1. Victoria Falls! "The largest waterfall in the world cascades into a deep gorge on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe." This looks so amazing and beautiful! Since I am already going to Africa to do so many other things I may as well add this onto my trip too!! I have been to Niagara Falls but this looks like a totally different experience. When I looked up the falls more I saw pictures of people actually sitting on the edge of the waterfall and looking over the side!!!! There are even videos of people jumping off a rock on the side into the pool area right at the side of the falls. That would be so scary but you definitely can not sit on the edge of Niagara Falls. I don't think I would be able to do that without having a panic attack in the process.

2. The Colosseum! "Up to 60,000 spectators could watch gladiator fights, animal hunts, re-enacted sea battles, athletics, and theatrical entertainment." It's hard for me to image that many people could fit in there at one time! This is on my bucket list and I would love to take the tour that actually allows you to go down where the gladiators were at before they went out to fight. Would be kind of sad but so interesting. I also personally think its amazing knowing that it has been standing this long. I want to go here so bad!!

3. St. Peter's Basilica! "Its the most important sanctuary, and the most frequently visited pilgrimage destination in all of Europe." So while I am in Rome seeing the Colosseum how about I just stop and see St. Peter's too!! One of the biggest churches in the smallest country of the world. Vatican City! There is so much history here and I would love to just spend a whole day walking around looking at everything it has to offer. As many of the well known churches in Europe, I am sure that you have to have pants on and a shirt that covers your shoulders. I had to make sure of that in some of the churches I went into. This would just be such an amazing place to go to and experience the culture.

4. Leaning Tower of Pisa! Ok I am a nerd and it is on my bucket list to take a picture of me "holding up" the tower. I can't help it!  But really this, just like many other places in Italy, would be amazing to go to if you want to experience the history and culture of the area. The tower was "under construction from 1173 to 1372, over a period of 99 years". It took that long because the original builder realized it was being built at a slant and stopped building and then building restarted 99 years later by somebody else.  That is crazy to me that it took that long to built one tower.

5. Stonehenge! How in the world did this get made?!? It's said that it was built somewhere around 3100 B.C.E. so how did the people that made this have the power to put these massive stone on top of each other?! I just don't get it. I am officially jealous of my cousin who just recently got to go to Stonehenge. Not fair! Guess I just have to go back to England. This site is said to be the site of a cult but we still don't know exactly what took place here or why. I want to know the answers!

6. Easter Island! "On Easter Sunday 1722, Captain Jakob Roggewegen came across an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the first European to visit this isolated part of the world. On his nautical map he gave the place a name: Easter Island". I personally didn't know that's how the island got its name but that is very interesting. I just recently watched a show all about this island and it seem like it would be an awesome place to see. It has hidden caves all over the island caused by ancient lava flow. Historians this these caves are where some of the original inhabitants lived. These people are probably the same ones that put up the moai statues all over the island. It's also amazing that these people were able to carve these statues and stand them up. I would love to see them up close and in person.

7. The Grand Canyon! The pictures are amazing but seeing this in person would just be breathtaking! In some places the canyon is a mile deep!!! Its hard to believe! This is one thing that I have to do sometime in my life. And there are so many things to do here too like just walking around it and looking in it to white water rafting. I would love to do both of those! You can also take mules down to the bottom and camp there. One other thing I want to do it walk out onto the glass walkway called the Grand Canyon Skywalk that stretches out over the canyon. I would be terrified to look down but I will have to make myself do it just to say that I did it! One of my dream vacations!

8. Mount Rushmore! How can I not want to go here?! In case you couldn't tell yet, I am totally into history and I would love to see this!! I just think it's amazing that the builder/ sculptors were able to make the rock look like faces! And how accurate it is! Its just mind blowing to me. Maybe I'm just weird but I love this!! I found something interesting in the book that said, "Conservation of the memorial currently costs the US government around $250,000 each year." CRAZY!! But totally worth it to keep something this amazing looking the way it does. I have to go here!!!

9. Redwood National Park! Next time I go to California I am making sure that I can go here!! The trees are just amazing and nothing like what we have in Missouri! The trees can live for 2,000 years!!!! How can you not think that is just amazing? One tree I want to see here is the tree that is called the Stratosphere Giant. It is 371 feet tall and is 19.6 feet thick!! I think I would look like an ant next to these trees. The thickness of the tree is about 4 of me as it is!

10. The Great Barrier Reef! I know I have talked about this in other posts but this is something that I really would love to see sometime in my life. The book states, "The Great Barrier Reef consists of over 2,900 individual reefs and over 1,000 islands, as well as numerous sand banks." Doesn't that just sound amazing?! And the animals that live there are so bright and beautiful! I have to see this!! One other outstanding thing the books says is that "the Far Northern section, may be 20 million years old"!!! Thats hard to believe but so cool!! Just gotta learn how to scuba dive now...

Well there we go!! There are the 10 Wonders of the World that I want to see. Hopefully you all have a wonder of the world that you want to see too. If you dont look it up and get one that you just have to see sometime. The world is a beautiful place so why wouldnt you want to see all the beauty it has to offer? Thanks for reading!! And keep dreaming!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A little "Pick Me Up"

Ok second post of the day but this one is just a little bit for fun! We can all use a little pick me up by reading some great quotes or even reading something good and getting that in your mind to think about. I do that a lot so I thought I would post a few of the great quotes that I am really into today. Not much explaination, just read and smile.

Hope they made you smile! Some stuff to think about on a daily basis. I have learned to live life and be happy with everything I have in it!

Navy and Lavender!

Hey everybody!! So I know its been a while. School has too much work! But today I am doing a different kind of combo that I normally wouldn't think of but it really does look good! The colors for today are navy and lavender for the accessories. The rest of the outfit will be plain and simple so that the accessories make a big pop of attention. I love going with a really simple outfit and getting bright accessories to go with it! This outfit is kind of a Spring Preview look to it because when I think of lavender I think of Spring and Easter and some place warm. So lets have at it!

Since last year I have become a HUGE fan of skinny
ankle jeans because they are so easy to just roll up like the ones in the picture and wear some cute sandals or Sperry's to go with them. Perfect for a Spring day! These are from J. Crew and are the Ankle stretch toothpick jean in selvedge denim in the lovestruck wash and are $168.

Simple white t-shirt! Get one of these from anywhere. I have so many white tees because they are perfect for the outfit I am doing. It is a necessity for everybody!! This one is from Target and is the Mossimo Womens Crew Neck Tee - Assorted Colors and is $12.99.

Here is the first pop of navy and lavender!! I love this scarf so much!! Having the navy in the background makes the other colors really show and having this on top of the white shirt would really make it the center of attention in the outfit! I need to get this soon!! This is from Heritage 1981. This is the
Rose Print Scarf and is $8.90. So cute and so cheap!! Next time I go to the mall I am looking for this!!

Sure this isn't exactly lavender but I love this watch so I had to put it on here. And if you look at the scarf then the watch you can see that the watch would really pull out all the purple colors in the scarf. Light and dark. This is from Roxy and is the Mini Jam Watch and costs $54.95. This watch also comes in gold, light pink and white. Love!!!!

Since the watch is purple we have to put more navy in with the outfit so the easiest way would be the shoes! And while looking at Sperry's website I found these new shoes!! I so want these!!! I love how they have the laces going all around the shoes! Well like I said these are Sperry Top-Siders and are the Women's Bahama in Navy Wool / Patent and are $75.


Had to add this just because of the color of the outfit and because this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! But way out of my price range! Sad... But anyways this was found on Macy's website and is Sterling Silver Ring, Amethyst Pave Cushion Cut Ring and is $475.00. Wish I could have this!!

The last touch to the outfit and of course its Coach. My favorite purse brand as many already know! This one goes perfect with the outfit because of the dark navy blue color. And I love this because it has a longer attachable strap so it can with be a shoulder bag or a crossbody. Love that I would have that option if I had this purse. So this purse is from Coach and is the Madison Leather Convertible Hobo bag in midnight blue and is $298.

So there we go. A different kind of combo but I love it. Going to to this color combo sometime this week and I am so getting that adorable scarf!!! Well I hope you enjoyed and go out and make cute and different color combo outfits! Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls, Let's Stay Here!

It's Wednesday!! For those of you who hadn't seen the past 2 Wednesday Wonderful's, they were all about adventures and traveling so I am continuing the travel part. Today we are going to talk about amazing 5 star hotels that I would love to stay at one day. Chances are I will never get to stay in these because I wont be a billionaire but I can dream right?! And I also wont ever be a travel show host unfortunately. I am envious of Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel. She had a show called "Great Hotels" that I used to love watching and all the hotels looks absolutely fabulous!! So let's get started with the 10 hotels that I would love to stay in one day!

1. Bellagio! What an amazing hotel in Las Vegas!! Its so large and I love the shape that it's set up in. I know that sounds insane but its awesome! The Bellagio has the best water fountain show I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it go onto YouTube and search it. Literally the best thing you will ever see. It's mind blowing what they can do with water! Along with being a hotel they obviously have a casino, night clubs, restaurants, places for shopping and a show by Cirque du Soleil. It would be my dream to stay here in October when I turn 21 but I know that won't happen. Wishful thinking!! The accommodations range from guest rooms to guest suites to villas. And get this, villas a purely upon invitation only!! How do I get to be invited?! AMAZING!!!

Bellagio Las Vegas

2. Inn on Biltmore Estates! I hadn't heard of this place until recently and it look so amazing and inviting!! It is placed on 8,000 acres in Asheville, North Carolina. It converted from a mansion into the Inn that it is now. From the Inn's website they have so many different things to do at the Inn. There is "wine and dine, estate shopping, guided tours and an equestrian center." And the rooms look amazing!! They have guest rooms and guest suites. This Inn also provided packages that you can purchase for your stay. Want to go here!! Don't have the money!!

Inn on Biltmore Estates

3. The St. Regis Washington, D.C.! Yea this one is obvious where it's at! I would sooooo love to stay here. The time that I went to D.C. my parents and I were actually staying in Baltimore for a conference that my dad had to go to for work and we took the train an hour into D.C. so I never really got to experience staying in D.C. but maybe if I go back there with a lot of money I can stay here!! I don't think I need to explain much of what there is to see in Washington D.C. but if I go back I want to see more of the Smithsonian Museums. They have rooms that range from a Deluxe Guest Room to a Presidential Suite with multiple rooms. Want to stay here so bad!

4. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club! As said from the hotel website, "'One of the world's best resorts' can be found here in St. Kitts & Nevis". For years I have been wanting to go to St. Kitts & Nevis. The island is so amazing and beautiful!! It's so small and I would love always feeling secluded and not have to deal with the mass amounts of people. This hotel is on the land of an old 18th-century sugar plantation and has 36 cottage style rooms. The rooms range from Superior Rooms to Junior Suites to Garden Suites and they all look phenomenal!!

5. The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas! My parents went to St. Thomas when I was young and left me behind and since then I have heard stories about how beautiful the island is and I want to see it so bad! This hotel would be my favorite way to see it! As said from the website, the hotel has "180 guest rooms and suites, each with a private balcony or terrace". How amazing does that sound? Waking up and looking out on the pretty blue water!! The rooms range from Ocean View or Resort View Guestrooms to four different Ocean View Suites!! Take me here please!!

6. Mara Serena Safari Lodge! As some of you may already know I really want to go to Africa and go on a safari. This hotel sits right in the Masai Mara National Reserve and this would make it so that it would be very likely to see some kind of animal while staying here. This hotel is located in Kenya. The rooms from the outside look so interesting and cute! They are like little huts that would be in an African Village. There are only two types of rooms here which are the Standard Room and The Mara Suite. This hotel also has hot air balloons that can take you up over the land to see the animals from a totally different view!!

7. One&Only Cape Town! Along with going on a safari many of you probably already know that I want to go shark cage diving too and I want to do this in Cape Town, South Africa. This hotel would be the spot for me to stay! This is a huge complex with so many rooms that range from different Marina Rise rooms to Island Room to the One Penthouse room which I would love to stay in if I had the money to!! Staying in here would be like having my own apartment!!

8. Baltschug Kempinski Moscow! Funny spelled name but maybe that's just because I don't understand Russian. As I said in my last Wednesday Wonderfuls post I wanted to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg and this is the place for me to stay!! It looks so amazing and from here its just a short walk to the Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral. I would love to see all the different tourist attractions and sites in this city! The rooms range from just Guest Rooms to Suites to Designer Suites and they all look amazing!!

Baltschug Kempinski Moscow

9. Soneva Gili Resort and Six Senses Spa! This amazing hotel is in the wonderful islands of Maldives!! Going here is a must some time in my life. Its like untouched paradise!!!! This is specifically on the North Male Atoll, Maldives. The resort only has 44 rooms which is amazing because you would feel like there was nobody else there. The rooms there are all villa like and range from Suites to actual Residences and even to Reserves so that you could bring a big group of people with you. And the rooms all have special things with them such as little bed like things right over the water. Go look at this website!! It will be your dream to go there too!!

Soneva Gili Resort and Six Senses Spa

10. Westin Denarau Island Resort! This is located in Nadi, Fiji! Going to Fiji is on my bucket list because of how amazing and secluded the islands are!! And I want to drink "Authentic Fiji Water"! I know I am lame but it's something that I would love to do. And this hotel is where I would love to stay!!! And it has an 18 Hole Championship Golf Course. My dad would love this!! It has 267 rooms and sits on 648 acres on an island. This just sounds amazing!! The rooms range from Garden Views and Ocean View Rooms to Ocean Front Room and Suite to Royal and Regent Suites. I wouldn't mind staying in any of these rooms just because the resort looks so amazing from any view!

Westin Denarau Island Resort

Well there we go! There are 10 5-star hotels that I would love to visit one day. I would really stay at any 5-star hotel just to say that I did but these are places that I would love to visit not just because of the hotel but because of the location that they are at. They are all places that I would enjoy going to and seeing the sights or just relaxing on the beach. What 5-Star Hotel do you want to go to sometime in your life? Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brown and Cream Outfit

Hey everybody! It's been a while since my last post so sorry! And its been a while since I have done a post of clothing so that's what today is!! Outfit time! And the colors for today are brown and cream. I know its a simple color pair but it always looks good because its in the same color family and I absolutely love making outfits with cream because you can put anything with it. It's such an easy color to wear and put stuff with and it always looks good. Its also so easy to accessorize.

Love love love these jeans! Minus the shoes. Not too big of a fan of those but that's ok this outfit is going to have boots with it anyways! These are the Guess Jean, Nicole Cigarette Skinny Dark Wash and are  $89 from Macy's.

Sure this isn't an exact cream but its close and I love it! It will go great with browns too. This is also an open weave so a tank under it would obviously be necessary. I would go with white. That's always my go to undershirt color. This is the DOLLED UP Open Weave Women's Top in Natural and is on sale now for $19.97 and is from Tilly's.

Ahh obsessed with these boots!! So cute and can either be worn like this or the foldover can be pulled up to make them like knee high boots. Its like two totally different boots in one. So amazing! These are the Colin Stuart Buckle Foldover Boot in Cocoa color. These are on sale for $89.99 on Victoria's Secret's website. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

This is literally my favorite watch of all time. I have two of them, white and black and they are seriously amazing. I have gotten so many compliments on it because it barely looks like a watch and its so unique. Recommend getting this to everybody! This is the Nixon Vega watch in Tortoise color and is $90. It can be found on Nixon's website. There are so many different variations of this watch and the prices range from $75-$90. The prices went up from when I got mine about 5 years ago. Guess that's what happens. They can also found on websites such as Tilly's.

So simple but so cute! I love the old vintage look to this and would look great on this outfit! And it's so cheap too that even if you wear it only like 4 time your getting your moneys worth out of it. This is the Rhinestone Oval Necklace from Forever 21 and costs only $3.80!! I may just have to get this for that price!

I have become really obsessed with Frye everything! Particularly the boots but it was just recently that I saw on their website that they have handbags too. Not good for me and my money... I just want them all. This one is by far my favorite. It looks so big and like it can just hold my world, which is what I need in a purse. This is the Artisan Tote from The Frye Company and is $348.

Well there we go! Theres a cute cream and brown outfit that I totally want to go out and buy now. This about using these colors when making your outfit this week. Most of us are probably starting back to school and this is such a cute combo! Thanks for reading!!