Friday, January 6, 2012

Helping the world with clothing

Hey all! I had been looking on the Internet today and noticed that there are quite a few non-profit organizations that make clothing or accessories to buy and the money goes to help people in different parts of the world. I love the clothes and the accessories that these companies make and sell so today I am going to make an outfit (minus jeans) out of all non-profit clothing!! Lets have at it!!

The jeans are not part of a non-profit company. I just really like these ones. They are from Lucky Brand which obviously is one of my new favorite brands!

With these jeans I wouldn't wearing those shoes for this outfit but I love the color and look of these. They are the Lola Skinny Jeans Rinse and come in short, regular and long which is great for me since it's hard for me to find pants that fit me since I am short. They are mid-rise with a curvy fit which is also great for me since I have curvy hips. They are $99.

This shirt is from Common Threadz and while looking through their just plain t-shirts it says under the shirt what buying this will help with. There are shirts that if you buy them a school will get a uniform. This one I liked the best and it was that by purchasing this shirt an orphan will be able to be fed for one month.

This shirt is part of the "Hand to Heart" collection and was designed by a  4 year old in Africa named Nkosikhana. Once the shirt is purchased you can even have your name put on a wall of thanks to kind of explain it or you can even put somebody else's name on there. I have always been one that would love to help Africa in any way possible from here since I have yet to be able to go over there and help in person. This shirt is $38 and like I said feeds a child for 1 month. Great buy for a cause!

The shoes are one of my favorite brands of all time! Toms! I would hope that most of you know about Toms and what a wonderful group it is. Their mission is what they call "One For One". When a person  buys a pair of shoes from them they give a pair of shoes to a child that does not or has never even had shoes. That is hard to think about not having shoes. I have one pair that is the sparkly black ones and I love them so much. They are so comfy and so cute!!

 These will be my next Toms purchase and they are the Natural Burlap Women's Classics and cost $54. I love how neutral these are and can be worn with so much! And its great knowing that because I bought these shoes that a child that needs shoes now has them.

The hat is from Krochet Kids. It's just within this past year that I have heard of this organization and I love it. The men that founded this went to Africa first and taught women how to crochet. They then started this where the women make the different accessories, like this hat, and all the money that is made from people purchasing goes back to them women that made the hat to help them with their lives. Their mission, as said on their website, is to "empower people to rise above poverty." (

This is the Betty Hat in the cream color and is $25.95. I am a HUGE hat person and I love hats like this style! These are handmade by women in Uganda and is versatile in the different season (besides summer!) This will be a must for me!

Finally the bracelet is from Beaded Hope. I found this website while just doing a google search and it looks amazing. This organization strives to help fight HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Their mission, as said from their website is, "to fight HIV/AIDS one person at a time by providing South Africans with the opportunity to earn an income, support their families and nurture their creativity while preserving age-old African beadwork traditions." (

This one may look simple but it goes with the colors that I have going on in this outfit. This bracelet is the Bangle Bracelet in Warm Cream and is $24. I love how simple this is and how versatile is it also. So cute and can be worn with a lot and while wearing it you know you are helping somebody just by buying it.

So there we go! There is a cute, wonderful and simple outfit that is all helping the world just by buying the pieces. I love all the pieces and will probably buy them at some point. Its really a great feeling knowing you are helping a person on the other side of the world just by buying something as small as a bracelet. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and will look into the non-profit groups that make these items!

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