Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls! Literally!!

When I say literally I am meaning that today's wonderfuls are WONDERS OF THE WORLD!!!! In case you guys can't tell I am really into traveling stuff for my Wonderfuls lately. I want to go probably almost everywhere! So today I am going to put down 10 Wonders of the World that I want to go to. I know the list only has 7 but I am getting mine from a book that is called, 100 Wonders of the World From Manmade Masterpieces to Breathtaking Surprises of Nature by Michael Hoffmann and Alexander Krings.

This book is just as amazing as all my other traveling books that I have talked about in here. I also got this one for Christmas and it's so much fun to look at and dream about going to some of the places. So as usual these go in no particular order other than that's the order they are in the book. The names and descriptions all come straight from the book as well as some of the facts about the places. I hope you enjoy and dream about traveling to some of these places like I do. We all need places we dream to see. It keeps up motivated to go out and see the world.

1. Victoria Falls! "The largest waterfall in the world cascades into a deep gorge on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe." This looks so amazing and beautiful! Since I am already going to Africa to do so many other things I may as well add this onto my trip too!! I have been to Niagara Falls but this looks like a totally different experience. When I looked up the falls more I saw pictures of people actually sitting on the edge of the waterfall and looking over the side!!!! There are even videos of people jumping off a rock on the side into the pool area right at the side of the falls. That would be so scary but you definitely can not sit on the edge of Niagara Falls. I don't think I would be able to do that without having a panic attack in the process.

2. The Colosseum! "Up to 60,000 spectators could watch gladiator fights, animal hunts, re-enacted sea battles, athletics, and theatrical entertainment." It's hard for me to image that many people could fit in there at one time! This is on my bucket list and I would love to take the tour that actually allows you to go down where the gladiators were at before they went out to fight. Would be kind of sad but so interesting. I also personally think its amazing knowing that it has been standing this long. I want to go here so bad!!

3. St. Peter's Basilica! "Its the most important sanctuary, and the most frequently visited pilgrimage destination in all of Europe." So while I am in Rome seeing the Colosseum how about I just stop and see St. Peter's too!! One of the biggest churches in the smallest country of the world. Vatican City! There is so much history here and I would love to just spend a whole day walking around looking at everything it has to offer. As many of the well known churches in Europe, I am sure that you have to have pants on and a shirt that covers your shoulders. I had to make sure of that in some of the churches I went into. This would just be such an amazing place to go to and experience the culture.

4. Leaning Tower of Pisa! Ok I am a nerd and it is on my bucket list to take a picture of me "holding up" the tower. I can't help it!  But really this, just like many other places in Italy, would be amazing to go to if you want to experience the history and culture of the area. The tower was "under construction from 1173 to 1372, over a period of 99 years". It took that long because the original builder realized it was being built at a slant and stopped building and then building restarted 99 years later by somebody else.  That is crazy to me that it took that long to built one tower.

5. Stonehenge! How in the world did this get made?!? It's said that it was built somewhere around 3100 B.C.E. so how did the people that made this have the power to put these massive stone on top of each other?! I just don't get it. I am officially jealous of my cousin who just recently got to go to Stonehenge. Not fair! Guess I just have to go back to England. This site is said to be the site of a cult but we still don't know exactly what took place here or why. I want to know the answers!

6. Easter Island! "On Easter Sunday 1722, Captain Jakob Roggewegen came across an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the first European to visit this isolated part of the world. On his nautical map he gave the place a name: Easter Island". I personally didn't know that's how the island got its name but that is very interesting. I just recently watched a show all about this island and it seem like it would be an awesome place to see. It has hidden caves all over the island caused by ancient lava flow. Historians this these caves are where some of the original inhabitants lived. These people are probably the same ones that put up the moai statues all over the island. It's also amazing that these people were able to carve these statues and stand them up. I would love to see them up close and in person.

7. The Grand Canyon! The pictures are amazing but seeing this in person would just be breathtaking! In some places the canyon is a mile deep!!! Its hard to believe! This is one thing that I have to do sometime in my life. And there are so many things to do here too like just walking around it and looking in it to white water rafting. I would love to do both of those! You can also take mules down to the bottom and camp there. One other thing I want to do it walk out onto the glass walkway called the Grand Canyon Skywalk that stretches out over the canyon. I would be terrified to look down but I will have to make myself do it just to say that I did it! One of my dream vacations!

8. Mount Rushmore! How can I not want to go here?! In case you couldn't tell yet, I am totally into history and I would love to see this!! I just think it's amazing that the builder/ sculptors were able to make the rock look like faces! And how accurate it is! Its just mind blowing to me. Maybe I'm just weird but I love this!! I found something interesting in the book that said, "Conservation of the memorial currently costs the US government around $250,000 each year." CRAZY!! But totally worth it to keep something this amazing looking the way it does. I have to go here!!!

9. Redwood National Park! Next time I go to California I am making sure that I can go here!! The trees are just amazing and nothing like what we have in Missouri! The trees can live for 2,000 years!!!! How can you not think that is just amazing? One tree I want to see here is the tree that is called the Stratosphere Giant. It is 371 feet tall and is 19.6 feet thick!! I think I would look like an ant next to these trees. The thickness of the tree is about 4 of me as it is!

10. The Great Barrier Reef! I know I have talked about this in other posts but this is something that I really would love to see sometime in my life. The book states, "The Great Barrier Reef consists of over 2,900 individual reefs and over 1,000 islands, as well as numerous sand banks." Doesn't that just sound amazing?! And the animals that live there are so bright and beautiful! I have to see this!! One other outstanding thing the books says is that "the Far Northern section, may be 20 million years old"!!! Thats hard to believe but so cool!! Just gotta learn how to scuba dive now...

Well there we go!! There are the 10 Wonders of the World that I want to see. Hopefully you all have a wonder of the world that you want to see too. If you dont look it up and get one that you just have to see sometime. The world is a beautiful place so why wouldnt you want to see all the beauty it has to offer? Thanks for reading!! And keep dreaming!

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