Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls, Adventures Edition 2

Hey!! So last week it seemed like the adventures theme was well liked and I have plenty of adventures I would love to go on so I'm going to do 10 adventures I want to do sometime in my life again. This time I am using a different book. The adventures in this book are a little bit more extreme than the ones from the book last week but still love them!

This book is A Year of Adventures and is put out by Lonely Planet. I got this particular book last year for Christmas and I absolutely love looking at it. They go through each month and tell you things to do during that month and where to do them. Most of them I would never do, such as skydiving of Mt. Everest, CRAZY!! But there are a few that I would love doing! These will go in the order of the months (minus 2 because I only ned 10) and some of the adventures may be the same of similar as last week but who care! All of the titles come straight from the book.

1. Whale Watching at Baja California! I would love doing this so much! It is on my bucket list to see a whale in the wild and this seems pretty safe. My mom has seen a whale in the wild but hers but purely by accident. I want to see one up close and see the massive size of the whales. From the book they say that this should be done in Mexico in January. From what I know that is one of the prime mating seasons for the grey whales that are seen in this area.

2. Dive Glover's Reef! Last week I said I wanted to scuba dive of Belize's Barrier Reef and this is one that is the same. But this one actually has a real name to go with it. This is best to be done in February because it is during the dry season in Belize. As said from the book, and sounds amazing, "The reef sits atop a submerged mountian ridge on the edge of the continental shelf, surrounded by enormous drop-offs with world-class dive sites." It sounds like it would be so pretty but there is still no way that I would ever dive down one of the drop offs! I would be way to freaked out and would probably panic too bad.

3. View the Aurora Borealis! It's other name is the Northern Lights. This is a huge dream of mine to see this beautiful natural phenomena. They look so amazing and breathtaking. Also on my bucket list too! This is best to be seen in March because, as the book says, "viewing of the Northern Lights is best around the spring equinox." These can be seen in Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, USA and Canada. From what I know the further north you are during this time the better you will be able to see them. Somebody take me to see this please!

4. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary! This is also in Belize is should be done in March because of the still dry season. I have always wanted to see big cats up close (to an extent) in their natural habitat. Just as long as I don't get attacked. This sanctuary has many different walking trails that range from short to days long. Because of the dry season this bring the Jaguars to small areas to try and find water which mean that they are more likely to be seen during this time. I LOVE any type of cat!! This is also a Jaguar Reserve as well.

5. Shark Dive at Gansbaai! I know I had shark diving on my last weeks adventures but I REALLY want to do this!! I know I may be crazy for wanting to do this and its totally out of my element but it really just seems so thrilling and amazing. I am terrified of sharks but I am hoping that a cage will keep me protected. Lets hope for the best! This should be done in South Africa during the month of July because this is when the sharks are active in their eating patterns so they would be more likely to come to the bait that the groups put out to get the divers to see them better. Gotta do this and be brave!! So excited to do this one day!

6. See Angel Falls! Ahh this would be so amazing to see in person! I have seen Niagara Falls and all the power of the water there but I want to see how large this waterfall is and how beautiful it is. It is 16 times the height of Niagara Falls!! I would love to be able to see this at a time when there is a rainbow on it. How unreal would that be?! This should be done during the month of September in Venezuela because August and September are the wettest months so the falls would have plenty of water.

7. River Run the Grand Canyon! Crazy white-water rafting! I am a little scared to do this but I have to sometime. I want to experience the thrill of white-water rafting and just at least try it one time. Hopefully I am just lucky enough to not fall off the raft... If that even happens. This should be done during September because if you travel outside of the peak travel season you have a better chance of getting a spot on one of the trips. I have a feeling going during this time may be just a little cold in the water. Not sure though! Still would love to do this!

8. Snorkel with Manatees! I want to do this so bad!! This seems like it would be nice and peaceful since manatees are so gentle. I have seen them in Florida but I would love to get up close with one and see how cute they are! I know I am lame! I love a quote from the book that says, "You can swim alongside them to ponder how on earth these huge grey aquatic mammals were ever mistaken for mermaids." They look nothing like mermaids. Crazy people! This should be done during the month of November because of good numbers of manatees and it "beats all the snowbirds".

9. Sail the British Virgin Islands! Which I will totally do since I will either have a yacht or a sailboat or both one day and I would love to do this. That area of the Caribbean is so beautiful and the water is so clear. And I am obsessed with everything about sailing! I am jealous that my mom knows how! This should be done during the month of November because its the dry season so you aren't going to hit bad storm with the boat. The book says its usually about a week that people sail but I would love to do it for longer and visit some of the islands.

10. Canopy Tours at Santa Elena! Zip lining!!!! Want to do this so bad! I have done it once at Girl Scout camp when I was younger but I was so scared and didn't have fun at all. In fact I sat up on the platform long enough to where the instructor ended up having to push me off. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. But I would love to do this now and go through the rainforest. Its on my bucket list to visit a rainforest and this would be the most fun way to see it! This should be done in Costa Rica during the month of December because it is the driest time of the year for Costa Rica. This is a must for me!

There we go! There's 10 more adventures that I would love to go on one day! I hope you enjoyed and I really hope all of you have places and adventures dreams like I have so you can experience the world to its fullest. Where would you just love to go one day and why? Sometime to think about today! Thanks for reading!!

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