Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls Spring Fashion

Hey everybody!! Its a fantastic and beautiful day in Missouri today!!! We have been in the upper 70's and low 80's all week so far and its just going to continue!! But as some of you may know I am leaving for FLORIDA ON FRIDAY!!! I cannot wait!!! It's supposed to be beautiful down there too!

I probably wont be able to update on here much while I am there but I am going to try and use my uncle's computer to do a Wednesday Wonderfuls next week. Already starting to plan out what it is going to be on! But today, since its so pretty here, it got me thinking about all the different fashions that I love about Spring and Summer so today's Wonderfuls are going to be my top 10 favorite fashions of Spring and Summer!! Hope you enjoy!!

1. Sperry Top-Sider! As many of you know I do lov Sperrys!! And they are the perfect shoes for Spring and Summer (and even Fall). They are the most comfortable shoes and they have so many different colors and designs. You can always find something that totally fits your personality!

2. Skinny Ankle Jeans! These are my favorites for all year round. They can be easily put in boots in the winter but for the Spring and Summer I roll up the bottom to about my calf and wear some cute sandals or my Sperrys with them. Always looks adorable!!I love how this looks!! Thats why I have so many! New York & Company has the best! But that is not where the jeans in the picture are from.

3. Fedoras! Up until last year I was never really into these then I got one when I was in Venice and love it so much!!! I can't wait to wear it more because its so cute. Mine is very similar to the one in the picture but mine has a better story then just getting it from a store. I got mine from a weird vendor! (Dude in the picture)

4. Gladiator Sandals! I hated these when they first came out a few years ago but now I love them and have so many different pairs that have so many different looks! Now they are coming out with more amazing looks and I just want them all.

5. Lightweight Scarves! Been loving these for years! I love simple outfits, like I have said. Scarves are the best way to add a little color and pattern to a simple outfit for the Spring and Summer. I personally love little flowers on some of mine and I also love just plain color ones. I got my favorite, also from Venice like the fedora and it is so cute! Its the one in the picture with my dad. I wore them all over Europe last summer because they were easy to roll up and travel with. and easy to wear with t-shirts since those were the easiest things to bring over there.

6. Summer Dresses! These are perfect if your going somewhere warm for Spring Break! Lightweight and cute, but still comfy. I have so many of these and they come in handy when you are going out to dinner when its really warm out. I got a lot of mine that I have from Forever 21. They are cute and cheap so even if you only wear them for one summer you are still getting your moneys worth. My favorite actually came from Hollister about 4 or 5 years ago and I still love wearing it! Its a simple white dress and you can accessorize it so well.

7. Wedges! These make the most casual outfit a little bit more fancy. And there are so many different kinds! I love just the mostly simple ones that have a little bit of jazz to them. DSW is where I find a lot of my wedges, including ones I just got that I cannot wait to wear in Florida! These are so much easier to walk around in all day than heels are. I love comfy wedges! The blue stripped ones are the ones I just got! They are LifeStride. Toms even has some really cute wedges too!
8. Sunglasses! How can a person not love sunglasses!! I am obsessed with them! I once got 6 different pairs in China Town in New York and actually used them all. I think I got them for like $15 for all of them or something crazy! But there are so many different shapes, sizes and colors! Ah I just love them! I get a lot of mine now from Sunglasses Hut.

9. Purses! I know its not really clothes, but purses can make the outfit! And many of you know, I really do love purses! And my personal favorite, Coach has some of the best Spring colors for purses. So cute and so amazing! I have a light pink one that is just so Spring.
10. Flip Flops! Everybody has to love flip flops! They are like the definition of Spring and Summer shoes that are so easy to just throw on and go. And there are so many cute different kinds! That's the best because you can choose from so many! And for me the remind me of the beach and going to the lake. The ones in the pictures are Havaianas.

Well there we go! There are my favorite Spring styles! And I know it's actually Thursday now but I did most of it yesterday then ran out of time with work and studying for tests for today! But I leave for Florida tomorrow and I cannot wait!!! Hope you enjoyed and what are some of your favorite Spring and Summer styles? Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Ready For Spring Break

Hey hey!! So Travel Channel inspired me for today! The show that I am watching is all about Florida and the beaches and resorts and that got me thinking about Spring Break because I'm going to FLORIDA!!! And I am so excited! It couldn't be more needed right now. I am so ready for a break from school and stress and Florida is just the place for that. I only have one more week until I leave and I know it is going to go by so slow. Not looking forward to that but once Friday gets here it's beach and sunshine time!! Get to spend a week with all my family that is down there then, don't laugh, I get to go to Disney World!! Yup I am still in love with Disney World!! How could you not be? Its such an amazing place! But anyways so I am going to put some of the things that I am so looking forward to while being in Florida!

Not yet but come Friday, "Greetings from Florida!!"
Where I will be spending my beach days at
Cocoa Beach Pier! Great place to people watch!!
Hard to see but this is The Sand Bar! Minutes away from
the part of Cocoa Beach that we go to so we just walk from
the beach to here for some of the best food and drinks ever!
Amazing people and amazing atmosphere!

A week from tonight I will be sitting at a beach side bar
enjoying watching my family drink this! So excited!
Florida is the only place that has this store and I am so excited
to go shopping here because they will have all the decor stuff
I am looking for, for my bathroom at the new house!

Disney World!! Still a little kid at heart!
Going to Epcot as well! Haven't been there in years!
One of my favorites! I love seeing all the different animals!
Love the atmosphere of Downtown Disney!
And House of Blues! Amazing food!!
The best part of Spring Break for me is spending time with these two people!
My favorite people in the world! My mom and dad!! They are amazing!

Well there we go! I know there will be more stuff that I am going to do but those are the big ones and I am looking forward to it so much!! I cannot wait! And like I said, I am not looking forward to this week because its going to go by so slow!! But thanks for checking this out!
What are your plans for Spring Break?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls To Live By!

Hey everybody!!! Wow it has been awhile! I'm so sorry!! School and work everyday for almost a week is a killer. But my online class is now done which is GREAT! And that gives me more time for everything else. Like more homework! Oh and do get back to blogs everyday too.

So for today I am doing a kind of quote one again but they aren't just any kind of quotes. They are all sayings from important people, cartoons, etc. I thought it would be interesting. And for these quotes I am going to tell you how I use it in my life to try and live a happier and more joyful life. I had a few a while ago that was all about uplifting blogs and I talked about how much I really love my life right now and that hasn't changed at all. Loving everything about it!! Especially since Spring Break is coming up soon and that means FLORIDA!! But lets get started and I'll stop ranting!!

1. Walt Disney! How can you resist a quote from Walt Disney? He, in my mind, is such a inspirational person and he has so many good quotes to live by. For me this quote makes me want to just go out and do all my dreams. I have talked about my Bucket List a lot in different blog posts and I even have a board for it on Pinterest and Walt just pushes me to go out and do my dreams and experience them. If don't pursue them I would have nothing to look forward to or to strive for.

2. Snoopy!! Mom I got this one for you because I know Snoopers is your favorite! I know this is not so much a famous person or anything but I found this and its hard to resist this. This can go for everybody! Kisses make everything better. Whether they are from a dog (like Snoopy) or from a cat (like my little Stella Bella) or from a loved one. Kisses are always a way to make you smile after a bad day or week. For me I know my kisses that I get from my kitty just make my day so much better if I have had a stressful day.

3. C.S. Lewis! Ok this is so true in my life! I wont go into detail but I think back to all the things I had and the people I had in my life that I thought I couldn't live without but I have now lived without. I don't mean it in a bad way at all. Some of those things and people helped shape who I am as a person now but my goodness I have found the most amazing things in my life recently and its just wonderful. And I know whatever does not come with me in the future that I WILL find better things in the future. Exactly what the quote says.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt! What an amazing women! And this quote is fantastic as well! This is something that I try and do without even realizing it. I see how much I have changed from being shy around people I don't know to being how I am now and sharing parts of my life on a blog for everybody to see. That makes me happy that I have shown myself I can do something that I never thought I would be able to do.

5. Kate Spade! Ok I would like to think that every girl would agree with me on this quote! It's hard not to!! I mean think of Homecoming or Prom or even a wedding day. We still dress up at princesses! And for me I still take risks with my clothing because that's what I like to do and I like wearing things that not everybody else has. This one is so easy to relate to.

6. Helen Keller! Yup this quote is one thing that I live for! I love adventure!! (hence all my adventure/travel posts) I don't want my life to just consist of me staying in one place and only experiencing the same things of what is around me. I want to see the world and have adventures and experience that wonder of different countries! That's why I have to keep sticking to my Bucket List and strive to complete it. Or just add more on too.

7. Audrey Hepburn! Being a big girly girl (to an extent) I totally live for pink. Seriously its sad. I have so much pink stuff its pathetic. Like all my kitchen and cooking utensils. Most of them were bought to support breast cancer so I am supporting that and getting my favorite color all in one! Its a win-win!! But man do I love pink!! Its just so pretty!!

8. Theodore Roosevelt! This is totally just self explanatory! But goodness Teddy and Eleanor have the most amazing quotes ever! There really isn't much to say about this besides that I do do this but I also plan out what I will do with my life when I get the things I need for it.

9. Winnie The Pooh! For any of you who know me personally you know that I am just like a little kid when it comes to naps. I take a nap almost every single day and honestly it makes me more energetic and happy. If I don't get my nap I am crabby and not a fun person to be around. Oh and I heard somewhere that you have better memory if you take naps. Maybe that's why I remember everything! So take naps everybody! They are fabulous!!

10. 1 Corinthians 16:14! This is literally my favorite of all of the quotes today. I think that everybody should follow at least the quote. We need to show more love in this world and I believe that if we show love we will receive love.
Well there we go! There are 10 quotes that I can personally relate to my life. Amazingly this was actually a hard blog to find the quotes. There are so many amazing ones to choose from but when trying to relate it to your own life its a little harder. But like I have said in other blogs, just love your life. Love who you are. Love who is in your life. Love what you are doing in your life and strive to complete you goals and dreams. Never give up!! Thanks for reading everybody and sorry again for taking so long to put up a new one!