Monday, January 2, 2012

A Love of Purses

Hey all! It's a boring, windy and cold day in Missouri so obviously its a perfect time to think about purses!! Or maybe I am just obsessed and always think about purses. Whatever it may be I love purses and love how the perfect purse can make your outfit perfect all around. Sadly all of the purses that I love are, lets say, a little out of my price range... Some I have gotten by working my butt off to save up the money but some I can only dream about!! Ok most of them I can only dream about.

My personal favorite is Coach purses. Even though it's a designer name they still have some purses that are affordable but then they also have their crazy expensive ones! For me, I love the outlet stores! My family always goes down to the Lake of the Ozarks in the summers and at the outlet mall there they have one of the best stores ever! A coach outlet!! And when you walk into the store I have always had one of the workers give me a coupon for an extra 15-20% off which makes it more realistic to buy the purses. At my work I always compliment the Coach purses whenever I see them and most of the time the women say that they got it from an outlet store which seems to be a better option for the people that want to enjoy to Coach name but not pay the prices at the  upscale malls. Coach has been around since 1941 and they are still producing some of the best purses (in my mind at least). Also the leather is amazing and always seems to look good no matter how old the purse is. Here are some of my personal favorites from Coach and way out of my price range! Like I said yesterday, a girl can dream. These are all from

This is the Madison Leather Sophia Satchel. The purple is my favorite color but it also comes in more neutral colors such as black or tan. Also comes in colors like red and mahogany. I like this purse because its large enough to carry a lot but its not too large for people that don't like the larger bags. I may not look like it holds much but it really does! This purse is $358.

I love crossbody purses!! These are great for traveling when they zip across the top. Makes it harder to get pickpocketed. And this coach one is cute but simple. This purse is the Julia Leather Swingback and is $148.

This last purse from Coach is so amazing. This is a huge purse and hold EVERYTHING! It is way to expensive for me to buy for myself but I would love it as a gift!! I also love how this is Poppy which is usually a little more flashy than the other purses but this one is more subtle in the Poppy collection. This is the Poppy Leather Pushlock Tote and is $398.

So the next brand that I really love is Fossil. Fossil was started in 1984 and I remember when I was younger Fossil was really big, which was in the early 1990's, then just kind of went away but now its back and better than ever! I love the leather and how it smells fabulous. They are also expensive but if you hit Macy's at the right times the purses can be up to 70% off. I got lucky the day I got my little crossbody at 70% off!! Here are some of my favorite Fossil purses! These ones can be found of

I love this purse so much!! Its huge and will hold everything from a weekend of clothes to a laptop and school books which is just what I need. I tried this purse of at Macy's and it was so cute! Sadly it is more wide than tall and me being as short as I am, it may sound weird but, this purse made me look shorter than I already am. Still love it and may check back when it goes to 70% off at Macy's.This purse is the Vintage Re-Issue Weekender and is $228.

This Fossil purse is an example of their so cute crossbody style. This is in the Camel color but it also comes in chestnut, sea foam green, dark blue and light pink. Personally I would stick with the normal leather colors like this one or the chestnut. The crossbody that I have is in the chestnut color and I am able to wear it with almost everything! And its smaller than most of my other purses so it is nice when I don't want to carry all the stuff that I usually carry with me. This purse is the Maddox Organizer Flap and is $198.

The last brand of purse that I am really into right now is Lucky Brand. They also make great jeans (expensive) and clothing and also cute jewelry but I really like their purses. It is similar to Fossil but such different styles! Lucky Brand made their first pair of jeans in 1990 and branched so far out from there. This purse can be found on

This Lucky Brand purse would also be great for traveling because it zips on the top and it folds over which would make it really hard for anybody to get into it if you kept it zipped up. And it's larger so you are able to carry whatever you would like to carry in there. This purse also comes in a raspberry color which I really love even though I am not usually a red color person but its so cute!! This is the Sunset Junction Foldover Convertible Tote and is $199.
Well you have seen some of my favorite purses! There are so many more that I love but they are crazy expensive designer names like Chanel and Jimmy Choo and those ones I can only dream about. One great thing about Fossil and Lucky Brand is that occasionally they have these purses at TJ Maxx and Marshall's for an amazing discounted price! And those are two of my favorite stores so I am always there checking to see what kind of Fossil and Lucky Brand purses they have. Hope you enjoyed and hope this makes the windy day in Missouri for fun!

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