Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Wonderfuls! Yum Yum!!

Hey everybody! Ahh so stressed from school and haven't had time to really think this one out so it will be pretty simple. I hate feeling rushed since my other ones are so in depth. Not cool...

Right now I am STARVING and Pinterst from earlier today is still on my mind. I love Pinterst as ideas and inspiration but earlier today I was really looking into the "Food and Drink" category and found some foods that I really want to try! And for all of you that have Pinterst, you know that when you click on the picture it actually takes you to the web page that the picture can be found and in this case it takes you to the place that the food is on and it shows you the recipe!! I love it!! But most of them I am sure are full of so many calories!! Oh well! Let's get to it real fast! I am also going to put the link to the website that the recipe is on in case any of you want to do the recipe to. I plan to try all of them this month. With the help of my wonderful cook mother since I am really not that good at cooking. I can bake a mean batch of chocolate chip bars though!!

1. BBQ Chicken Calzones! I have never end had a calzone in my life and don't even know if I would like them but the picture and looking at the recipe it just looks fabulous!! And I LOVE BBQ chicken!! Mostly I love Buffalo Wild Wings but I am sure I would love these!!

2. White Chocolate Cheesecake! Oh man I am such a sucker for cheesecake!!! Love every kind and every flavor!! Maybe its just because its so fatty and my body hates me but loves calories! So not fair people that have a great metabolism... I would have to go to a gym for a week to just work off this piece of cake. But it looks so good!!

3. Peanut Butter Banana French Toast! Not even sure if I will like this but it looks and sounds amazing!! I love french toast and I love peanut butter and I like bananas on certain things so I dunno why it wouldn't be amazing!! Gotta still try. We all have to try new things at some point.

4. Queso Blanco! Or White Cheese Dip!! My favorite thing ever!!! There is a little Mexican restaurant called La Carreta close to me that my family and I go to a lot and I absolutely adore the cheese dip there!! Its so good and I really want to learn how to make it even if it isn't as good as the restaurant. This is from Pennies on a Platter and its such an amazing website!!

5. Piña Colada Cupcakes! These just sound like they would be heaven in my mouth!! I got a recipe that was for coconut cake that has the Piña Colada stuff in it and its so amazing so I am sure that this would be good. Even with the coconut on it! I am usually not a big fan of coconuts.

6. Brown Sugar Blondies! Ok I know these are so simple but they look so good and they are such a cute idea for Valentine's Day! And M&M's even have it to where you can customize the M&M's with saying and a picture on it. Its such an amazing idea! And I bet these are no calories right?

7. BBQ Chicken Quesadillas! I do love BBQ!! and I love quesadillas too so its amazing either way! The picture looks like it has the BBQ Sauce on the side but I would put it on the inside of the quesadilla and then, I am a weirdo, dip all of it in ranch! I love ranch too! I just love food!!

8. Double Rainbow Cupcakes! These are literally the coolest things I have ever seen!! But when looking at the recipe it looks like it would be very time consuming so I will have to find a time when I can actually have the time to make these because they are so stinking cute!!

9. Portuguese Apple Fritters! Europe literally has the best apple everything! Germany in particular but these just look phenomenal! I would just get so huge from eating all these but I really do have to try these to see if I can cook up to Europe's standards!

10. Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti Casserole! Oh man this has everything I like!! I love how the sauce is white sauce and not nasty red sauce. And I love cheese, and chicken and casseroles!! I could totally seen my mom making this! And I think I may just have to request this soon! Looks so good!!

Well there we go! A quick 10 food items that I want to try in the next month. If I gain 50 pounds you will all know why!! Yum yum!! Time to get back to school stuff now! Thanks for reading and hope your hungry!!

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