Thursday, February 23, 2012

Castle Love!

Hey everybody! So today I have been looking at some stuff from back in the Middle Ages when the great castles were made and I got to looking at pictures of castles and I just love them! I so wish I could have lived back in the times when royals and elites lived in castles. Minus the smells and the germs but I would just love to see how life actually was living in something so big and amazing! I know I'm a nerd. But I just thought I would share some amazing castle pictures with you. Even if you don't really care. Oh well!

Hunyad Castle in Romania
Windsor Castle in London
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Chambord Castle in France
Heidelberg Castle in Germany (Been there!)
Has the biggest barrel of wine in the world!
Segovia Castle in Spain
Mont St-Michel in France
Dunvegan Castle in Scotland
The Tower of London in London
So much amazing history in there!
 There are so many more castles in Europe!! When I was on my Rhine River Cruise there were so many cute "little" castles on the sides of hills up on the top. They were so amazing and I so wish I could live in one. There was even one that was converted into a hotel. Might be something for me to look into once I get lots of money! And the Heidelberg Castle was the coolest thing I had ever seen!! So amazing! Well sorry if this was boring but thanks for taking a look! I'm weird and love castles!!

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