Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lucky Outfit!!

Hey hey! So maybe the outfit really isn't lucky but it is all Lucky Brand. In case you haven't noticed I have become obsessed with Lucky Brand anything! One thing that I think is really interesting and good for a business like Lucky Brand is that they have branched out from just jeans to other clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. This is such a good strategy and gets customers like me who like everything to stick with that company. Another brand that has really done this is Fossil. They are still mostly purses but they do make clothes not and accessories to go with it. Also have cute jewelry and amazing watches for men and women. Love that Lucky Brand and Fossil are doing this. But anyways this outfit is going to be all Lucky Brand which I hope you all love just as much as I do!! This will be pretty pricey but still cute!!

Picture is a little blurry but if you go to the link you will be able to see it better. I love how plain this is but still adorable! So cute!! This is the Lace-up Pullover and is $99. Expensive but so cute!!


Simple jeans that look fabulous! I would love these because they have stretch to them so that they fit more comfortable. I remember I used to hate jeans that had any kind of stretch in them and now that is what I personally like. And I love these because you can roll up the bottom and maybe put some cute sandals on or some Sperry's. These jeans are the  Southside Charlie Straight Jeans and are $99 as well.

I absolutely love these!!! I just bought a pair at TJ Maxx yesterday for $30!! Mine are a little more peachy colored than this one but they are literally the most comfortable things ever!! Go to TJ Maxx and get them!! But these are the Emmie Ballet Flats and are $59.

Loving the double necklace look with this one! This is so amazing and its something that is totally something that I would never have thought about doing! And I am usually not a red person but I may start with the jewelry because this is so cute! This is the Red Set-Stone Double Necklace and is $39. Mine!!

This goes great with the necklace! In fact is goes great with the whole outfit! I love how the red accents the red in the necklace but the pink will make the shoes pop and the tan will look great against the light sweater! Talk about amazing!! I want this! This is the Red Multi-Stone Layered Bracelet and is $55.

I am obsessed with this purse!! They have it in multiple colors at TJ Maxx and I always want to get it when I am there but its still expensive! But so adorable!! And as you may know, I love crossbody purses so much!! This is the Crossbody Convertible Bag and is $178.

Well there we go! This is an outfit from one of my personal favorite brands right now because they stuff they sell is so vintage looking and I am loving that look right now. What is your favorite brand for the time being? I know everybody has one! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

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