Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home Decor Wednesday Wonderfuls!

Hey there! I already posted a blog but I have to do my Wednesday Wonderfuls! Today I am doing something more simple because all my travel ones are so in depth! You would be amazed how long those ones take me! So today I am doing 10 of the best decorated rooms and outdoor spaces that I love. I know it is a little random but I am really into home decor since I am having such a hard time figuring out what I want to do with my room and bathroom once we move. The pictures are going to be from Southern Living and Coastal Living and will also have links with them as well. Most of these pictures and rooms I could only dream of having, but like I have said before, a girl can always dream!!

1. Outdoor Space! I love outdoor set up! It looks like it would be perfect for parties! And look at that cute stone fire pit!! I could just see this set up being somewhere on the coast on a nice slightly breezy night with some great friends and a clear amazing sky!! This picture is from Coastal Living!

2. Under the Steps Cuteness! Gosh I just love this so much! This is a great use of the usually worthless space under the steps! If I had something like this it would be used to often. It would be a great place to read or even take a nap! Which I do love naps!! This picture is from Southern Living!

3. Seaside Family Room! I could just sit in this room and love it forever!! I love the neutral with the pops of the bright, tropical sea colors! Would be an amazing place to sit with friends and look out of the ocean! MINE! This picture is from Coastal Living!

4. Lounge Swing! Oh my goodness I need this in whatever house I have! Along with the cute little area under the steps this would also be an amazing spot to read and nap. This would be even better having it in a beach home and having the ocean breeze coming right up the porch. This picture is from Coastal Living!

5. Rustic Kitchen! I would love having a kitchen like this! In my mind this is rustic looking and I love it. Its so organized and I love to wood cabinets. Also love that the shelves in the island are open. It makes it look better! This picture is from Southern Living!

6. Poolside Seating! Can I just get this now!? I totally want a house that I can have a wrap around pool like this! And this area would be great for a warm summer say with some friends and so swimming! How could you not love this?! This is from Coastal Living!

7. Pet Bedroom! The set-up of this room is so cute!! On the website it is actually called the Pet-Friendly Bedroom and the picture above the bed makes it just that! Could there be a cuter picture to have in this coastal bedroom? And to add on I really love that bed and want to know where it is from! This picture is from Coastal Living!

8. Orderly Bathroom! This bathroom would be great in a cute cottage somewhere. A place where place is limited. And its adorable that there are little shelves for decorations only. This would also be nice in some kind of exclusive resort! So cute!!! This is from Coastal Living!

9. Built-In Bed Retreat! I would have loved this as a kid!! The bed looks so cozy and comfy and I would be perfect for a quiet relaxation spot! And this would also be good for a kid because of the great storage that it has under the bed! So want something like this whenever I have kids! This is from Coastal Living!

10. Zebra Seaside Guest Room! So amazing!! Its like a mix of my two favorite things! Animal looking prints and ocean themed! And its a very subtle mixture so its still relaxing while being a little more edgy. This is a great idea for a cute guest room in a coastal home! This picture is from Coastal Living!

All of these rooms are probably and sadly just dreams for me... But I do love them and I love home decor. I can not wait until I will get a chance to take some interior design classes after I am done with my Fashion Merchandising degree! So much fun! If anybody has any cute ideas for a bedroom let me know!! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Southern Living and Coastal Living are such fun to just look at when your bored!

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