Sunday, February 19, 2012

Favorite Spring Styles

Another blog! I havent done one on clothes lately so this one is going to be a little preview of Spring! I am ready for Spring clothes and Spring colors! I've been thinking about Spring Break and what I am going to wear in Florida so these are some of my favorites for, at least, my upcoming season.

QSW Zig Zag Maxi Dress


Ruffle Front Women's Tank

Opal Applique Clutch
Anchors Away Pendant
Winch Weather Bitt

There is so much more I could put in but this is good for now. As you can tell, I am really into the nautical looks and the tribal prints. Just cute and casual. Most of the Spring styles that are coming out are the color block look which personally I am not the biggest fan of. I would much prefer what I picked out but I really had to search for the right stuff for the blog. Whats your favorite Spring fashion? Thanks!!

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