Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey hey! So lately I have been on a kick with making outfits from websites that sell a variety of things like my blogs on Piperlime and Lucky Brand, so tonight I am going with the same kind of concept. This will all be from which is a website that I have used multiple times on other blog posts. I have mostly used it for the amazing jewelry that they have but now I am going to make a whole outfit from the website. And it's more affordable than some of the others. Tilly's is mostly a skate and surf website but some of the brands have VERY cute stuff!!

Yea I am all about the plain shirts! But like I have said it makes them that much better to accessorize!! And since my last post I have been looking at more red stuff and this one is fun to accessorize!! This is the FULL TILT Dolman Womens Top and is $14.99!! Not bad for this shirt!!

I have these pants and I love them in the Spring and Summer!! They are linen so they are different than what most normal pants are but they are so comfy and cute. Wore these on the 7 hour flight to London and they were amazing for that! These are the ROXY Ocean Side Womens Pants and are $38.99!

Sad this picture is blurry but I wasn't able to find a bigger picture... Go to the link if you want to see the better picture! But I love these! I am still into the gladiator looking sandals! They are so cute!! And they are perfect for this simple and cute summer outfit! These are the SODA Palti Womens Sandals and are $21.99!

Such a cute contrast to go with the shirt! Since this has blue, coral and gold in it it will really make the blue and gold stand out against the all red shirt. And the coral looks so close to red that it will go perfect! Amazingly cute! I may just have to get these! These are the FULL TILT 9 Piece Turquoise/Coral Bead Bangle and is $9.99!

Always gotta top it off with a purse!! And I do love crossbody purses so I picked this one! Love it!! Very Summer looking! This is the O'NEILL Legend Handbag and is $43.99!

I love that the most simple colors are able to make a really cute outfit and that certain colors (like the blue in the bracelets) can just set off the outfit and make it fabulous! Very simple but very cute. Go make a cute and simple outfit this week and I bet it will look great! Thanks for reading!

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