Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gotta love a good scarf!

This week has been so gray and gloomy and today I wanted to just wear a cute scarf that was fashionable and functional at the same time! So I am totally having a scarf day! I absolutely love scarves and in my mind you can never have too many. There are so many ways that they can be worn from different ways around our necks to even on our heads such as the hijab.

Heres a little bit of interesting background information on the evolution of scarves. I found it very interesting.
-Queen Nefertiti is one of the first known scarf wearers.
                                This was used as a status symbol in ancient Egypt. I learned in my art appreciation class this semester that the queen and the pharaoh who was Akhenaten at the time changed how the cutlure viewed the art in Egypt. There was a bust form made of her and she has so called "perfect" features.
-Chinese warriors used cloth (scarves) to show their rank in the military.
-Croatian Mercenaries did the same thing in later times. The soldiers wore plain cotton scaves and the officers wore more expensive silk ones.
-France loved the colors of the scarves and the men soon began to wear the scarves to show their political affiliations.

From this point the scarves became more and more accepted and began to evolve to what we know now. We wear them for fashion but they really started out as showing of a person's status. Personally I am very thankful that scarves evolved into what they are today or I would be without some of my cutest accessories!! Today I decided to wear one of my favorite types of scarf which is the Pashmina scarf. Technically they are called shawls but I love how they are large and I can have them around my neck and look larger so that it keeps me warm like I wanted to have today! The one that I wore today is reversible like many of the pashminas are and I love it because you can wear it two totally different ways!
Between my mom and I we have 4 different ones and when I say different I mean totally different!! But they all make an outfit look so cute! And two of them I actually got at the mall when it has little booths through out the mall. The guy selling them was right outside my work so I went there as fast as I could!

So anyways mine I wore today was discussed but here are more of what I really love and how stinking cute they are.

The infinity scarf is one of my personal favorites because there are so many different kinds. I have a few that are light weight for summer (summer scarves) but I also have a few that are for colder weather too. These scarves are very versitile which is what I love about them!! They are so easy when your about to run out of the door and either need something to keep your neck warm or to just jazz up your outfit a bit.

This is an example of the summer
scarf that I would wear with probably
just jeans and a t-shirt. This one is
from Old Navy and is $16.94

This would be a winter one that I
would wear. I found it on Nordstrom's
website and it is $42! and Steve Madden!!

More scarves that I love are the big winter ones that are so soft and comfy! I could just wear those all the time in the winter and love it!  My favorites are the cable knit ones that are really big so that it really covers up your neck when it is cold but it still cute when you wear them. We have some at New York & Company that are so soft and so cute and have been on a great sale so those have been selling like crazy!!                                   
Right now these are on sale online for $7.99 on! That is a great deal from the original $22.95 so you are saving 65%!!

This scarf is from Urban Outfitters and it also a cable knit scarf that is the huge scarf that I love. This will be my next purchase from Urban Outfitters!! $24.00

Here are more of the different scarves that I just absolutely love and can be worn in however way you want!
This is the Urban Renewal
Remnant Circle Scarf from
Urban Outfitters and is $20!

This is the Nordic scarf from J Crew
It is more expensive and is $49.99

This is the Fair Isle Scarf from Eddie
Bauer and is $19.97. I have become
a HUGE fan of Eddie Bauer!!

This is the Jacquard Muffler from Pendleton
Wool Mills and is $62.

I am currently in love with all the tribal looks and patterns that are in style right now. The Pendleton Wool scarf is probably my favortie out the the four that I have above. My mom used to have a Pendleton Wool skirt that she kept and last year I actually took the skirt apart for one of my sewing classes and made the cutest clutch out of the wool fabric!
I know its not a scarf but that is just so cute! That is the clutch that I made out of my moms old skirt!

There is probably an infinite amount of scarves of different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes to choose from so go out and wear the cutest scarves that you can find and spice up an outfit! Thanks everybody for reading!!

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