Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Wonderfuls!

Hey everybody!! It's Wednesday so it's time for the Wednesday Wonderfuls!! Last week I did the 10 things that made me smile for that day. Today I have decided to go with the 10 wonderful places that I would like to travel to. Obviously if you know me then you already know that I have WAYYYY more than 10 places that I would like to travel to and this list does not at all go in any order. These are just the 10 places that came to mind today =) I have the worst travel lust ever and these places just scratch the surface of where I am going to go one day!

1. Turks & Caicos! Seriously how can I not want to go there?! Look how beautiful it is. This is a place that I would totally just be fine with sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun and not dealing with any problems!

2. Greece! This place just looks absolutely amazing and peaceful! Chance I may be going this coming summer so let's keep my fingers crossed! Just want to exprience that beauty and the culture of such an old place!! And just look how the blue roofs accent the amazing blue water!!

3. Alaska! I dont normally want to go to places that are freezing like Alaska but I'll just go during the summer when its at least a little bit warmer. I would love to go there and see the glaciers and all the iceburgs and what not! Perferably I would love to go on a cruise to Alaska so that I would really see the ice close up.

4. Istanbul! So many people that I have told that I want to go here tend to ask me the same question... Why? Well I had learned all about the area in one of my classes this past semester and I learned that this city is full of culture and religion. The three major religions exsist here and all the places of worship that exsist look so fabulous I would jsut love to see the art of these places along with the architecture! There is also a Grand Bazzar here too and I LOVE shopping so this would be perfect for me!!

5. Tuscany! Wine, food and landscape! What more could you ask for? I watched an amazing show all about Italy yesterday and showed a family that lived in Tuscany and owned a resturaunt and a winery. The food look so delicious and so fattening!! Thats the best kind of food. The views just looked amazing and I would love to actually get to experience Tuscany!

6. Maine! From everything that I have seen Maine looks like a classical coastal state. I would love to stay right on the water so that I can see sailboats that I am so obsessed with! I want to be able to see all the cute little houses and shops in the towns!

7. Crete! The models from America's Next Top Model All Stars went to Crete towards the end of the season and stayed this amazing hotel that was right on the water and it just looked so cute and nice. It looks like a place you would have the time of your life while still relaxing and enjoying the views.

8. Maldives!! This picture just makes me want to cry because it's so amazing! This room is the room of my dreams and I would love to be able to just walk down and get in the water from my room!Or to sit in that cute little sitting area that close to the water! And from what I have looked up the snorkeling in Maldives is amazing and the water is so clear so that everything is visible. Can I just go there now?

9. Rome! Um its Rome! If somebody doesnt want to go there they are crazy! There is so much culture and art that came from here and I need to see it! And being one of the smaller fashion capitals I would love to go there and see the fashion that is made there. Also keeping my fingers crossed for this since this would be part of where I would be going if I go this coming summer. So pretty!!!

10. Africa! Some people also don't understand why I would want to go here but there is so much to see here! This is where I will be going to do my shark cage diving and its also where I will go on a safari at. And I would love to go to Cairo and Giza to see the Pyramids but I will wait until tensions calm down a little bit there. I would also love to do missionary work in Africa for the people that really need our help. There is so much we can do for those people and somebody needs to do it. There is just so much to see and do in  Africa and I will go there one day.

There are this weeks Wednesday Wonderfuls!! I would love to know where everybody else would like to go one day so let me know please! I think it is so interesting to hear where people want to go and why. Thanks so much for reading and let me know what you think!!

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