Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My 10 Wednesday Wonderfuls!

Hey everybody! I am back and I'm trying out a new thing that I will do every Wednesday that will contain 10 things on Wednesdays. They will vary in what the topic is about but it should be fun! Today I am doing 10 THINGS THAT MADE ME SMILE TODAY!!

 1. Burano, Venice, Italy. I went here over this past summer and everytime I see a picture of this wonderful little island it just makes me smile and remember how peaceful and friendly it was there even though most of the residents didnt speak any English. I think that everybody should go to this island one day and see how the people live and how relaxing their life is.

And all the houses there are some amazing bright color like in this picture!

2. This is such a true quote. We can't go looking for ourselves and who we are with everybody telling us what we need to do and who we need to be. We need to ignore them all and make ourselves who we are according to what we want to be.


3. Sunsets! I am such a sucker for sunsets. Sure I have seen some pretty sunsets in Missouri but this one on a field is so pretty and reminds me of sunsets I see at our family farm in Tennessee. It's just amazing looking out onto a field and seeing something so beautiful.

 Go find a field sometime and watch the sunset with somebody that means everyhing to you!

4. I saw this picture and instantly started laughing. Kittens are the cutest things ever and they are so playful and adorable without even trying. How can this not make you smile?!

5. White Chocolate Mocha! This one always makes me smile!! It is so yummy and wonderful!! Go have one today and make your day 10x better!

6. Not even anything to say with this picture! This totally speaks for itself! haha! Nobody can say this doesnt make them smile

7. This sign is so cute! I wish places did this when I was little. Also funny because I got my kitten from a bar and was "free" to a certain extent.. Would have been so cute had they done something like this!

8. This one is totally for my mom. When I saw this I instantly thought of her. This is so cute and whoever took this picture did an amazing job!!

9. CAN YOU SAY YUMMY!!! Pancakes are some of my favorite foods. They may be full of calories but we all have to have times where we just need to splurge and eat something that makes us truely happy!
10. Last but not least... a quote that should mean something to everybody. For me personally there are so many things that I want to do with my life and as we know life doesn't last forever. Some of the things I may be scared to do but in order to do what I want to do with my life I know that I have to step outside my comfort zone and just go with it.

Well there is today's Wednesday Wonderfuls. Different topic next week so check back! Thanks for reading!!

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