Sunday, December 18, 2011

You can't ever have too many BOOTS!!!

Hey everybody! I know its been a few days since I have posted. Working at the mall around Christmas time is so insane and busy and after work all I do is sleep. Yup I'm lazy. But today I'm talking about boots!! My favorite shoes of all time and it's winter (technically not yet) and boots are the main thing anybody should have this winter.

Boots, as I'm sure everybody knows, come in so many different styles and heights so they all have a different look to them and can make or break an outfit. Most of the time the boots always look great because its pretty hard to mess up how boots look. In my opinion some look better then others. So lets go!

Lets start with the "thigh-high" boot. These ones have come in and out of fashion over the years. Even back in the beginning of the 20th century there were some men that wore so called thigh high boots such as The Three Musketeers. They again became popular in the 1960's with the Mod style. They then became popular towards the end of the 1990's and then into the 2000's. Right now I am not a fan of these. They are on the runway a lot but they are mostly shown with jumpsuits or short dresses. Personally I am not a fan of any boots that are worn with a dress that not one part of the leg is shown. To me these boots also send a sort of "sex appeal" that I am not a fan of.  There are some celebrities that are really into these boots. Lady Gaga being one of them. (big surprise there...) Picture of her on the side.

Also Victoria's Secret is big on the thigh high boots. Here are some pictures from their website. (

Next is my favorite kind of boot which is the knee high boot but is not as extreme as the thigh high. These boots were originally made to project a person's feet from whatever elements they were in. Such as fisherman or stable hands or clammers. They used the boots to either keep their feet dry or clean. Hence the "rain boot" look. Now we use the knee high boot or a little under that for some of the best fashion looks around. My personal favorite of the knee high boot is made by Diba called the Diba Combat Boot and can be bought at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) for $69.95. I have these and wear the almost all the time. They are so comfy and look good amazing with jeans and just a simple shirt. It looks very casual but still cute. DSW has so of the best boots around and they are sold at a cheaper price than the regular retail price. Another pair from DSW that I really like but do not have are the SE Boutique Patli Riding Boot which are sold for $149.95. The riding boot can also be classified into the knee high or a little under the knee sections.

My next favorite is the western boot. Absolutly love these ones and its hard not to love them with the different varities of boots that there are. My favorite brand for this section is Frye Boots. So amazing and so cute and they last forever!! They are very expensive but so worth it. Here are some of my faves from their website which is
These are the Billy Pull On in the Smoke color.
 I love the detailing on the boot.
They are cute and they have a wonderful,
what I will call, vintage look to them.
 These ones cost $348.00
These are the Carson Pull On in the Saddle color.
These I love the simplicity. They are classic but cute.
Loving the slight distressed look to them.
These ones cost $348.00


These are the Veronica Slouch in the Black color.
I have always loved these because they will
literally go with anything!!
These ones cost $368.00

Now it comes to the "booties" boots or can also be called ankle boots. These ones are amazing and can range from little flat boots which would be the ankle boots to heels of wedges that have a boot look on top of them. Lets talk about the ankle boots first. These are mostly worn under pants and are made for men and women. This type of shoes was worn by many men during the beginning of the 20th century as everyday shoes. These come in a varitey of looks and styles so here are some example of the ones that I like and where they came from. Both of the shoes below came from

I LOVE Uggs!! They are so warm and comfy!!
They sell a varity of styles and hights but
these ones are the ankle ones. So many
different colors! These ones are the Classic
Short Boot and cost $150.

Although I am not a huge fan of
 Skechers these ones are very
 cute and I would love these with
 legwarmers under them and a cute
 pair of skinny jeans. These
cost $65 and are called the
 Lace-up Bottie With Faux Fur Cuff.

The next are the Booties which the pictures on this one are from DSW (I'm really into Victoria's Secret and DSW today!) I love the booties!!

This is an example of the Wedge Bootie.
I love these because when I have long
pants on these give me some hight that
I so need and still look cute coming out
of the bottom the the pants. These are
called Madden Girl Estyr Wedge Bootie.
They cost $59.95 and I love Madden Girl

This is an example of a Heeled Bootie. For me
I would have to have the exact right outfit
in order to actually pull this style off. I think
it would just end up looking weird on me but
I do love them so much! These are the Unlisted
High Score Bootie and are $39.95 on
HUGE saving since these are $90 retail price!!

There are so many other kinds of boots than just the ones I talked about because boots are seemingly limitless. But thanks to everybody who is reading!! I sure love boots and you already know what my favorite kind is! Whats yours?!

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