Monday, April 2, 2012

Had a great Spring Break!

Hey everybody!! I haven't been on here in so long! I had Spring Break and then a really stressful last week so sadly,  I didn't have much spare time. But no that I have time I would like to share with all of you some of the amazingly fun things that I did in Florida this year! I had a great time and the weather was fantastic!! Sunny and warm every single day! Couldn't have asked for anything more. Well here we go!

Spent some amazing days at the beach with my
family. Here is my dad! And in case you cant see
it I am totally supporting my Blues boys on my hat!
Also had some amazing dinners with the family as well.
Florida has some of the best food and best places to eat!
The restaurants are also in some of the most beautiful
places as well. Like this one in the picture, Squid Lips, has
the pretty walkway behind us to go out close to the water.
Also got to eat many times at The Sandbar which I
mentioned in one of my blogs before I left for Florida.
They literally have some of the best food and I just
love the atmoshpere!

We then went to Disney. I know I am 20 but everybody
has to love Disney their entire lives!! Our room was so
amazing! It was all princesses! And if anybody has seen The
Princess and the Frog, that is what our room was based off of!

Has a great time at Animal Kingdom! I love all the animals
there and my favorite is the safari ride they have. That's as
close as I'll get until I go to Africa.
Had a terrible time at the petting zoo in Animal Kingdom.
I have a huge fear of goats because they tried to eat me
when I was little. Have never gotten over that...
Love this picture of mom and dad!! They are so cute!
It was the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot and they
had stuff like this all over the park with different characters
Last but not least, had a great last dinner at The Yacht
Club. I was obsessed with the decorations since it was
all nautical!! We then got to watch Epcot's fireworks
from this dock area and it wasn't crowded like it would
have been had we gone back to the park.
Well there we go! There is the quick rundown of my trip. I really loved it and loved spending time with my family. I must prefer spending time with them then going to one of the "party beaches". I love my family so much and I thank them for a great Spring Break! Thanks for looking at my pictures! What did you do for Spring Break?

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