Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great time to live in Saint Louis!!

Hey everybody!! It's been awhile but I'm back! So the title can say it all! I am loving being a long time Saint Louis Blues fan because right now hockey is taking over my life!! The past week has been fantastic because the playoffs have started and we are leading with games!! But other than that the week has been great and the weather has been good most days so that makes everybody happy!! But today I thought I would just share a few pictures with you guys of all my fun times this weekend and even more of the things that have made me happy and brighten up my day. I hope all of you are still thinking about things that make you happy on a daily basis!! Most of the pictures will be hockey pictures just to show how great it is and how much I just love hockey!! Here we go!!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Thanks so much for checking it out!! And the last three words for today... LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!

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