Saturday, March 10, 2012

So Ready For Spring Break

Hey hey!! So Travel Channel inspired me for today! The show that I am watching is all about Florida and the beaches and resorts and that got me thinking about Spring Break because I'm going to FLORIDA!!! And I am so excited! It couldn't be more needed right now. I am so ready for a break from school and stress and Florida is just the place for that. I only have one more week until I leave and I know it is going to go by so slow. Not looking forward to that but once Friday gets here it's beach and sunshine time!! Get to spend a week with all my family that is down there then, don't laugh, I get to go to Disney World!! Yup I am still in love with Disney World!! How could you not be? Its such an amazing place! But anyways so I am going to put some of the things that I am so looking forward to while being in Florida!

Not yet but come Friday, "Greetings from Florida!!"
Where I will be spending my beach days at
Cocoa Beach Pier! Great place to people watch!!
Hard to see but this is The Sand Bar! Minutes away from
the part of Cocoa Beach that we go to so we just walk from
the beach to here for some of the best food and drinks ever!
Amazing people and amazing atmosphere!

A week from tonight I will be sitting at a beach side bar
enjoying watching my family drink this! So excited!
Florida is the only place that has this store and I am so excited
to go shopping here because they will have all the decor stuff
I am looking for, for my bathroom at the new house!

Disney World!! Still a little kid at heart!
Going to Epcot as well! Haven't been there in years!
One of my favorites! I love seeing all the different animals!
Love the atmosphere of Downtown Disney!
And House of Blues! Amazing food!!
The best part of Spring Break for me is spending time with these two people!
My favorite people in the world! My mom and dad!! They are amazing!

Well there we go! I know there will be more stuff that I am going to do but those are the big ones and I am looking forward to it so much!! I cannot wait! And like I said, I am not looking forward to this week because its going to go by so slow!! But thanks for checking this out!
What are your plans for Spring Break?

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